Q. What is the time taken for making delivery of the item ordered?

A. 98% of the delivery volume is delivered within the estimated time. However sometimes it may take longer.

    If the package is delayed, we will notify the customer via email.

    If the package is delayed for more than three working days and the logistics information is not updated, we will give the customer a full refund.

● New Zealand:Estimate delivery time 3 - 10 working days.

Q. Is online payment a safe option?

A. Of course- we process all online payments through PayPal.

Q.What is the duration of warranty?

A. All items that are delivered by us will bear a warranty of a 1 year from the purchase date. During this warranty period, www.nzadaptersdirect.com takes responsibility to replace any items having flaw.

Q. What is the procedure for returning an item?

A.In case, you prefer to return an item due to any reason, please keep in touch with our sales team. We will be issuing a returns form to you. 

Q. Am I to incur any extra costs while taking delivery of the item?

A. Of course not - the price that is indicated on the product page of our website is the final price that we charge for the door step delivery. We do not charge any additional money while processing your delivery order.

Q.Which countries does nzadaptersdirect.com ship to?

A. nzadaptersdirect.com shipped to around the world.

Q.Will I have to pay duties and taxes?

A. nzadaptersdirect.com has accumulated a wealth of experience to help 98% of customers avoid Customs Duties or Import Taxes with our shipping agents.Almost of you will enjoy a Duty-Free Shopping here. If you need to pay the tax, we will pay for you.

Q.nzadaptersdirect.com ship to multiple addresses?

A. You may only ship to one address per order.
If your order contains gifts or items that require shipping to multiple locations, you will need to place separate orders for each address.

Q.Need more help?

A. Please contact us in the following ways:

Phone: +86 13923885475
E-mail: info@nzadaptersdirect.com
Address: 9F908,Block A, Bairuida Building
Xintianxia lndustrial Zone, Vanke City Community
Bantian Street, Longgang District
Shenzhen, 518100
Guangdong, China